Friday, February 9, 2018

Summer Sports Teams and Information

Below are the children who have been selected for a summer sports team.

The teams will play on a Friday afternoon at South Hagley Park, except for cricket teams who will play at various schools, including St Albans. Hagley teams will travel by bus, leaving school at 12.45pm and returning by 2.45pm. All games start at 1.15pm and are finished by 2.15pm. Cricket teams will travel by private transport, leaving school at 12.30pm and returning by 3pm.

The cost for Hagley sport is $25. Please pay at the office as soon as you can. If required you can speak to the office about making progress payments throughout the year for sports costs.

We are always looking out for parents who can help to coach one of these teams. If you are interested in helping at games on a Friday afternoon, please reply to this email Jodi at

Permission for this is covered by the blanket permission form. Please return this asap if you haven't already.  If it has not been returned your child may miss out on games until it has been returned.

You can find the draws for each week on the Primary Sports Canterbury website. The link to the draws, as well as ground maps is the links at the side of this page.

Term 1 Teams, 2018:

Rippa Blue - Coll, Jakaia, Raumana, Senha, Jonty, Harry J, Cameron, Charlie R, Charlie S
Coach - Nikkita Koia, Cherana and Steve Thomson

Rippa Black - Will C, Asher, Ayla, Mikaere, Kairu, Oscar, Rangi, Makani, Henry
Coach - Nikkita Koia and TBC

T-Ball Blue - Rory, Joel, Harvey, Arvin, Muhid, Tane, Etuini, Max A, Tahnul, Vili, Ollie, Louis
Coach - Carmen Aldridge, Deborah Granger

T-Ball Black - Jarod, Seth, Charlie E, Aayush, Te Ariki, Cooper, Havyn, Sam Y, Tayla, Evie, Mataya, Charley.
Coach - Carmen Aldridge and Nick Eagle

Futsal Blue - Magnus, Otto, william M, William F, Max M, Hunter, Isaac, Bas
Coach -  Matt Holmes and Karen Telford

Futsal Black - Josef, Joe M-B, Jeremy, Shouzo, Lola, Miu, Rata, Gisele
Coach - Matt Holmes and TBC

Futsal Girls - Lola, Charlotte B, Millie H-C, Victoria, Cindy, Ashley, Alannah
Coach -  Matt Holmes

Volleyball - Gabby, Niamh D, Beth, Stella, Jade, Charlotte D, Charlotte P, Issy
Coach - Hollie Scadden and Sharon Chapman

Cricket Blue - Georgetta, Ciara, Lily Y, Annabel, Aoife, Emily D, Millie M, Matilda
Coach - Glen McKenzie

Cricket B - Olivia, Holly, Isla, Millie S, Maya, Vesper, Emily F, Mia
Coach - Jodi Archbold

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Zone Athletics Results

Congratulations to the below children for gaining a place at the North East Zone Athletics Finals. This was the last event that will ever be held for the North East Zone, as we are splitting up into other zones, and as of 2018 St Albans will be joining the North Zone. Children who placed 1st or 2nd at the zone event are heading to the Canterbury Athletics Finals on the 6th of December.

9 Year Girls
Aoife - 1st 1000m
Ayla - 2nd 1000m
Mae - 1st 80m, 1st Long Jump
Sophie - 1st High Jump
Millie M, Mae, Sophie, Aoife - 1st Relay

9 Year Boys
Max A - 1st 1000m, 2nd 80m
Max M - 2nd 1000m
William M - 1st 80m, 3rd High Jump
Isaac - 1st High Jump
Harry J - 2nd Long Jump, 3rd 50m
Jonty - 3rd Long Jump
Max A, Max M, William, Harry J - 2nd Relay

10 Year Girls
Kiera - 1st 80m, 1st Long Jump
Lily Y - 3rd 1000m
Eve - 1st 50m, 3rd Long Jump
Niamh - 2nd 80m
Milly P - 1st High Jump, 3rd 50m
Annabelle S - 1st Shot Put
Lily N - 3rd Shot Put, 3rd Discus
Niamh, Eve, Milly, Kiera - 1st Relay

10 Year Boys
Finn - 1st 1000m
Makenzie - 1st 80m, 1st Long Jump
Nasili - 2nd High Jump
Sven - 2nd Shot Put
Rico - 3rd - 80m
Makenzie, Finn, Rico, Gabe - 2nd Relay

11 Year Girls
Eden - 1st 1000m, 3rd 60m
Lexie - 2nd 60m, 3rd High Jump
Lucy - 2nd 100m
Frankie - 1st Long Jump
Fatai - 1st Discus, 3rd Shot Put
Georgia - 2nd Long Jump
Elenoa - 2nd Discus
Lexie, Eden, Frankie, Lucy - 1st Relay

11 Year Boys
Josh - 1st 1200m, 1st 100m
Matthias - 3rd 1200m
Ryan M - 1st 60m
Brooke N - 3rd High Jump
James H - 3rd Discus
Lorenze - 3rd 60m
Josh, Brooke, Lorenze, Ryan - 1st Relay

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Swimming Roster

Below is the swimming roster for Term 4. Please note this may be subject to a few changes. It will be updated on here if that is the case.

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